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The best of online communication is the measurement of results it provides. By means of increasingly advanced tools, it is possible to follow step by step the development of an action and, once completed, to discover the return achieved.

More than the tools, however, accurate knowledge is needed to know how to interpret and use these data in your favour. Rest assured: our customers have the assurance of performance analysis on all the digital marketing actions they perform.

Social Media

Will you take your brand to social media? The idea is great – and by the way, very desirable in today’s market – but caution is fundamental. Before inserting the logo and giving the first “hello” to the followers, it is necessary to elaborate a detailed plan, in which will be defined the positioning of the company in the social networks and their forms of action. Being well-informed about good practice is also in dire need.

We offer advice so that companies feel safe when taking this important step in their communication with their public, in addition to configuring their profile in social media.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a trivial action for many companies, as it relies solely on a simple mailing tool and the purchase of a robust e-mail base. To the same extent that this action is trivial, however, it is unsuccessful, usually accompanied by several unsubscribe requests and a very low conversion rate.

A true email marketing campaign is comprised of several actions such as strategy definition to build a base of qualified emails, elaboration of message relevant to this audience, tests to measure acceptance of the content and after sending the e- Mail marketing, measurement of results.

Web Design

A better internet can start with your website!

Consisting of creative and multi-talented designers, web developers and marketers, we specialize in creating professional web sites with the latest web design technologies available on the internet.

We also provide a wide range of services including visual identity creation, graphic design, web development, web design, digital marketing, SEO, SEM and consulting.

Digital Marketing

Before any digital action is initiated, it is necessary to find out where we are, in what direction we want to go and define the ways of measuring any results obtained.

We go through strategic planning in digital marketing aligning the profile, mission and values of the company so that all actions, whether online or offline, combine to strengthen the brand and reduce unnecessary costs.

Definition of the critical mission of the project, study of the target audience, survey of search behaviour, competition analysis, definition of tools and performance indicators are some items to consider during strategic planning.

Website Optimization – SEO

The first page of search engines like Google is already considered the new “prime time” of advertising. The best thing is that, to be included in it, no investment of the order of millions of reais is required. In addition, the result is usually much better, because whoever is in front of the computer and accesses the search engines is, in fact, looking for that information that the search engine presents, unlike who is watching television, who normally does not see the time of that Inopportune advertising to end.

The task of gaining a place in the sun in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo is given the name of website optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Widely used as a reference in navigation, search engines have been refined throughout their history in an attempt to show orderly the site most likely to satisfactorily meet user demand. This refinement in search technology has reflected the confidence that people place in their results, making better positioned sites have more recognition both in security and overall quality.

Following a series of criteria, such as the correct application of technology and keywords, we can help you to create a relevant website in the eyes of search engines and, consequently, become a true business platform for you.

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One word of great weight in this digital age is “findableness.” After all, what good is having a great website, that offers fantastic services and advantages, if your consumer can not find it? And as the business world does not stop, we know that this result has to come fast.

The easiest and most effective way for a customer to reach a site is through search engines such as Google and Bing. For your site to appear on the first pages of this search, the fastest way is through sponsored links. Another strategy that has been gaining more and more space in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the realization of campaigns in social networks, like Facebook. Regardless of which action is taken, the most important is to know how to read the scenario, looking for ways to differentiate from the competitor and convert the action into results.

Corporate Identity

Rconic has highly skilled and experienced professionals to create or modernize your company’s visual identity. Did you know that a solid, well-crafted visual identity significantly increases the perceived quality of your business for your customers? In other words, your customers will consider your company more serious, solid, effective and more qualified than competitors.

We develop and modernize logos, logos and symbols in addition to creating all the institutional material of the day to day. This includes business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, prescriptions, mascots, internal signage, vehicle stickers, signs, screens for systems, computer wallpapers, digital signature for emails, badges and much more. We also work on creating high quality professional websites with amazing design.

We also produce the traditional Visual Identity Manual. It is a sort of rulebook that teaches you how to apply your brand in different situations. It takes information like exact colour production codes, correct typography, minimal margins, dark or negative background application, digital and graphic application, incorrect applications, and more. With such a guide, whenever you need to apply your logo somewhere you can ensure that the result is perfect.

We specialize in creating corporate visual identity. Our design is based on studies in the area of design, thinking about the good result and the best presentation for the client. Our designers are ready to create an innovative visual identity for your company. Come and be surprised!

The main items for a basic Visual Identity are:

  • Logo
  • Visit cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Folder portfolio
  • Signature for emails
  • Visual Identity Manual
  • Graphic design
  • Brochures, flyers, folders, book layouts, newspapers, magazines

A quality design significantly increases the quality perceived by the recipient, in other words, your customer will interpret your product or service as being of better quality. In addition, the value added increases significantly too, allowing you to charge more and still make your customer feel satisfied that they have purchased a quality product or service. A well-crafted visual identity also brings several benefits to your employees as you can see in this article on graphic design.

Rconic counts on professionals specialized in graphic design, as well as web design and visual identity. Among the services performed in graphic design are the creation of corporate stationery (business cards, envelopes, letterheads, prescriptions, folders, etc.), design of brochures, flyers and folders, layout of books, catalogs, magazines, Creation of ads for newspaper and magazine among other services. Basically all material that will have as purpose to be printed.

Main Graphic Design Items:

Flyers, flyers and folders

Business cards, letterheads and envelopes

Diagramming of books, magazines and newspapers

Creation of ads for newspapers and magazines

Other materials that will be printed.

Segmented Promotion

With the internet and the reduction of production costs (as a result of many technologies becoming commodities), the market migrated from mass to niche. This means that small groups with select tastes have become sources of wealth for many brands, which can sell to any part of the world and with low production and distribution costs.

The question of findability, however, can become a great barrier in this new market if the niche consumer does not discover the existence of the company that wants to serve him. To make this meeting happen, there are targeted promotion actions.