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About us | Rconic

Our team has experienced people with a lot of will and creativity to achieve the best for our customers.

  • Favorable work environment for ideas
  • Colleagues and friends working together
  • Always willing to produce the best jobs

Who we are

Rconic Studio specialises in the visual creation of companies and freelancers. It is a company made up of multi-talented designers, web developers and marketers. Design is a key factor in the new global competitive landscape adding value and significantly increasing perceived quality in products and services. It adds value to the product and triggers a process of visual stimulation in both its potential customer and the employees themselves creating a strong and successful brand.

Why choose us?

Unlike other Design Studios, our priority is to ensure the best results. Our team is formed by multi-talented training designers, with advanced knowledge in various areas of design such as two-dimensional visual syntax, gestalt, colour theory, form psychology, typography, mathematics, consumer behaviour, composition, etc. In our creations there is no room for terms like “beautiful” and “ugly” but “adequate” and “inadequate”.

By choosing Rconic you will be assured that:

  • Only qualified professionals and training will work on your project;
  • All creations will be carefully thought out for you to achieve the best results;
  • In addition to having quality services, you can count on the support and advice of professionals who can tell you about trends, technologies, printing methods and more;
  • You will receive opinions, ideas and professional suggestions, not just the arts;
  • The creations are sent along with justifications and explanations of why in each choice.

Our Skills

Our talented employees’ skills




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A website promotes your business 24/7: No employee will do that.

Paul Cookson

What we do

We are a webdesign company specialised in website creation, visual identity creation and digital marketing (Google Adwords).

  • Website Creation
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media

Our Skills









What we do

Web Design

A better internet can start with your website!

Consisting of creative and multi-talented designers, web developers and marketers, we specialise in creating professional web sites with the latest web design technologies available on the internet.

Visual Identity

Did you know that a solid, well-crafted visual identity significantly increases the perceived quality of your business for your customers? In other words, your customers will consider your company more serious, solid, effective and more qualified than your competitors.


Following a series of criteria, such as the correct application of technology and keywords, we can help you to create a relevant website in the eyes of search engines and, consequently, become a true business platform for you.


+44 208 5432 561

4 Dryden Road, London UK

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